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10 SEO rules to rank better

10 SEO rules to rank better

Many people think Search Engine Optimization is hard. It’s not. Sure there some technical stuff you’ll need to learn. But this is the shortest “must do” list you might ever see.

And, if you genuinely follow the advice, it will bring your site tons of traffic.

Are there there other things to do? Yes. But follow these tips, especially numbers 6 through 10 and you’ll be on your way. We use these steps every day at our Tampa-based digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO and other lead-driving tactics. And we drive tons of traffic to our clients’ sites.

  1. Make sure your pages load quickly. Use http://webspeedtest.org to test your site pages.
  2. Ensure your web page loads cleanly and fast on mobile devices…smartphones only for now, but Google will likely rate tablet loads at some point.
  3. Spell everything correctly. Write well and clearly. Avoid the passive voice.
  4. Use SSL it gives your site a small SEO boost. That means the site should use https:// not http:// in its address. Your webmaster will know how to implement this.
  5. Make the site useful to people. If it’s a big sales brochure, then you’ll need to rethink your approach.
  6. Learn on-page SEO tactics. That means optimize each page for one or two keyword phrases in the actual page HTML (website page code).
  7. Produce great content on the site regularly. Blog 2 to 4 times per month on useful topics related to the site’s topic. Ensure each post runs more than 750 words. But don’t just publish junk content for the sake of it. Make it useful and meaningful. We’ve also discovered great content that runs 2000 words long scores really well if it is useful. It also gives search engines a lot of content to index so it can figure out what the page is about.
  8. Encourage linking from other sites. Good content will get linked over time by other sites naturally. This is critical. Each link is a vote of confidence. Google’s algorithm(s) will notice and rank your site. If the sites that link are highly ranked by Google (use Moz.com‘s Page and Domain Authority tool.) and cover a related topic, then the links count even more, and you site will be ranked better, faster.
  9. Share your greatest content via social media often…Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Google+.
  10. Share good content on Google+. This will get your on the front page of Google for related terms more often than not.

Which of the above tips do you you think are the most important? If you said #7 and #8 you’d be right. Great content that people love that is linked by other websites is the key formula to SEO. If you just focused on these two actions, you sites will rank well in Google and Bing.

Why? Because good content is consumable and people seek it out. And a link to it is vote of confidence by the web community. Search engines use this “popularity” contest to crowdsource the good content and websites on the web.

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Andy Walker is an author, digital marketing guru and entrepreneur. He can make websites do backflips and can drive tons of traffic anywhere he points his SEO wand.
Andy Walker


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