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How do I SEO a B2B website?

SEO a B2B website
 SEO is largely technically the same for B2B as it is for B2C web sites. However, webmasters and digital marketers need to keep in mind a few key nuances which will improve overall ranking and traffic generation when they SEO a B2B website. Here’s what you need to know. Mostly it’s how you curate your content. Let’s get started…

Focus on data-driven content

Let’s start with the content that you’re optimizing.

You want to focus on content that uses a lot of data stats and references reports to prove why a particular solution will return and ROI.

Your best bet is to write content that answers 50 questions (as a start to a library of posts) that someone might ask around procuring a product or service like yours or in your business category. And then provide proof as to why there would be ROI for the purchaser.

Build an answer-based content library

Here is a great example. Our Tampa agency does a lot of digital marketing in the materials handling business. So we advise our customers to answer questions like: “How do I optimize my warehouse?” And then answer that question with a series of steps that are validated with data and builds a business case. And also includes how your company can help. However the primary core of the answer should be useful information not sales information. So you might provide 10 steps on how to optimize a warehouse, but the last element in the article might be “if you need help with any of these please feel free to contact us for free consultation. We have experts in this field available to talk to you and the first 30 minutes is free.”
Then you would optimize the page as normal. But the searched terms you’re optimizing for could be the question: “How to optimize a warehouse”.

Write comprehensive content

Also ensure that the article has some depth to it. Longer pieces in both B2C and B2B SEO better when they are lengthy. So that means responses between 750 and 1500 words – and longer if it’s merited. I actually recommend 2000 words where the topic is merited. But don’t write longer just to fill space; just be comprehensive.

Core SEO strategy is the same for B2C as B2B

As you probably know, attracting organic traffic from search engines for any site involves several core SEO strategies:
1) Research your keywords to find the most trafficked terms.
2)  Optimize on-page for the term you are seeking to be ranked for.
3) Work to get inbound links to that page from third-party sites. as these inbound links or in links as they are called provide credibility for the page and will increase your ranking on Google and Bing. It is best to get links in from websites that relate to your business and actually drive traffic to your site.
For more detail see our 7 immutable laws of SEO.

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