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Organic dog food is good for your pet

Organic dog foodThe problem with conventional dog food is that it could contain cheap, unhealthy ingredients — or even deadly ones. Commercial pet food legally may contain such unsavory things as newspaper, feathers, high-fructose corn syrup, cancerous or diseased animal tissues, bovine fetal tissue, and “glandular waste.” According to one article,  animals rendered into many pet foods are classified as “4D”: Dead, Dying, Diseased, or Disabled.

In short, it is full of repulsive byproducts. But does these mean that you need to feed your pooch organic food?

Here’s the problem. There is no U.S. or international standard for what qualifies as “organic” pet food.

Organic dog food makers are not regulated

Pet food makers that use the term ‘organic’ are not beholden to anyone, so usage is a marketing strategy. Your best bet is to buy dog food from a reputable company that you trust. Be sure the food has been through feeding trials with the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Check the label for this.

Also look for a company that employs a full-time nutritionist, and has developed a research and development team that does ongoing research on the company’s food products so it continues to improve them.

That said, the best dog food doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive product.  Not all expensive pet foods are created using high standards. So it pays to read the label carefully.


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