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What are the basics of SEO strategy?

what is the basic seo strategy

What are the basics of SEO strategy?As mystical as Search Engine Optimization may seem, it all boils down to three strategic actions that when combined produce good ranking on search engines for your web site. So if you want to know what are the basics of SEO strategy, then read on:

1) Keyword Research

Research keyword phrases that attract high traffic but have low competition. That means you identify the phrases a search might use to find an answer to their query like “used Honda Civics in Orlando”. If a lot of people are searching for this phrase, but no a lot of web sites do a good job of providing adequate content, then its in your interest to design a web page that is optimized for that information that will rank well. Learn more about keyword research

2) On-Page Optimization

This is the process whereby you tweak the content and programming code on a page to feature the keywords so that a search engine identifies it as a good page to rank highly as a response to a search for those keywords. i.e. Someone searches for “used Honda Civics in Orlando” and your web page appears on the front page of Google or Bing as a result of that search. Learn about on-page optimization

3) In-linking

A link from another web sites to your web site is consider an in-link. So if a car enthusiast web site links to your used car web site to the late model Honda Civics, then that in-link counts as a vote of confidence about the quality of your web site. Google uses this as a vote of trust that your site is a good site. Lots of links from other sites to your site is the objective. Learn about in-linking


There are lots of other activities that will help your SEO along. I’ve listed a few here:

a) Produce great content about the topic you are an expert in on your web site. Google and Bing rewards this. And it helps with in-linking of course

b) Sharing your content and expertise via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and other social sites. Your social “signal” is factored into how you your site is seen by search engines.

c) Cross linking. Linking your web pages together to reference each other is valuable and helps  Google and Bing understand what pages are important on your site and how they are related.

d) Ensuring duplicate pages or non valuable outbound pages are marked as such with the correct programming code.

e) Reducing web pages errors and bad links

f) Maintaining an up to date site to help Google and Bing index your web site.

g) Optimizing your site for mobile devices

h) Ensuring your page load speeds are fast.

There are many more things you should be doing but if you learn the basics and ensure that most of these tasks are achieved on a regular basis your web site should start to rank well on search engines and drive lots of free traffic.



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